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The following year the International Organisation for Standardisation set up a working group to adapt the British system for international use, and the ISBN number was approved and published as the International Standard ISO in The UK continued to use its initial nine-digit code for several years but this can be converted to the ten digits by prefixing it with a 0.

Wonders Beyond Numbers: A Brief History of All Things Mathematical

Anticipating a shortage of available numbers for certain categories of publication, the ISO opted to change the number length from ten digits to thirteen, and this was undertaken between and by the introduction of a prefix number. As need arises further prefix numbers will be made available ensuring the long-term viability of the system.

GS1 is an international body working with local organisations in more than countries to allocate and disseminate identification numbers across a range of fields including ISBN and bar codes. So far the numbers and have been made available for use as ISBN prefixes.

The next number represents a language group or country identifier. This is called the registration group element.

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This element can be up to five digits in length for less widely spoken languages, but the most widespread language groups are just one or two digits in length so as to provide more characters for other parts of the code. A different system is used with the prefix, but much of this series is currently reserved for musical publications. This is followed by the registrant element, a number assigned from a range given to the publisher who then allocates one to each of the books they produce.

They also allocate the publication element that follows it, which is taken from a block of numbers assigned to each publisher.

The Largest Known prime by Year: A Brief History

Large publishers will receive blocks of ISBNs according to their anticipated need and they will receive further blocks as those they have are exhausted. Variable block lengths can be supplied for publishers dealing with different language publications for which the registration group element might vary in length. Often the ISBN is separated into its constituent parts with hyphens or spaces, but is also sometimes shown as a single string of thirteen digits.

What is the ISBN?

The chromosome number in humans: a brief history

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A brief history of numbers and statistics with cytometric applications

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