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Near-Infrared Dyes for High Technology Applications

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Daehne / Resch-Genger / Wolfbeis | Near-Infrared Dyes for High Technology Applications | | 52

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Taking a deep look: a near infrared fluorescent dye for long term bioimaging

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Translation of Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Technologies: Supplemental Video 1

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Literature Updates. For Members. For Librarians. RSS Feeds. Chemistry World. PEG-NH2 functionalized, aqueous soluble. Excitation: UV nm. We'll reach out to understand your needs and show you how Nirmidas Near Infra-red Dye can support your research. Nirmidas Biotech, Inc. Multiplexed Assay Kits. Gold Coated 96 Well Microplates. Nirmidas News. About Us. Large Stokes' shift. Excitation ; emission nmnm. Rapid excretion from body. Intra-operative imaging Image guided procedures Photoacoustic imaging Two photon imaging in NIR-II Imaging, phototherapy and drug delivery; nanomedicine and theranostics.

Brightness 3 out of 5. Donor-Acceptor-Donor dye Excitation: nm. Functional group: NH2. Functional group NH2. First Name. Last Name. Try Near Infra-red Dye. Curiosity about Near Infra-red Dye.