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"Women of K2 and Savage Summit", by Jennifer Jordan

No Place to Fall. Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know. Ranulph Fiennes. The Climb. Anatoli Boukreev. The Push. Tommy Caldwell. Steven Callahan. Hillbilly Elegy. Seven Years in Tibet. In , 13 climbers were killed as a result of severe weather. Reaching the summit — and making it back down alive — requires a combination of skill, experience, and, perhaps most of all, luck. And even then, there are no guarantees. At some point, you have to call your own bluff. The past couple weeks had been a worldwind.

Before leaving, there had been logistics to finalize, including a last meeting with her personal trainer, a stop at the hair-dresser, a trip to the tailor to pick up her summit suit. In the days since she landed overseas, she lost a tooth and made an emergency visit to a Pakistani military hospital for nausea.

Now, despite the rough start, she waits at the foot of the peak, eyeing a potential weather window in late July. There is nothing left to do but climb. Dugan Arnett can be reached at dugan.

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Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe. Vanessa O'Brien at the K2 base camp. When he came back to America, Fritz was interrogated. Why did you leave Dudley Wolfe on the mountain? Why did the Sherpas die? This was in the context of the war, which had just broken out. And the controversy still rumbles on. Even the successful Italian expedition was dogged by bitter infighting. Though they made it to the top, the team members spent years arguing and even suing each other. We were taking shots of these striking ice sculptures in the glacier between K2 Base Camp and Camp One.

You could hardly see it because the bones had become bleached and were partly embedded in the snow. There was nothing around it that could identify from whom it came; no clothing or belongings.

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The Story Behind the 52-Year-Old Woman’s K2 Summit

So we thought it best to leave it where it was, rather than disturb it. It was a chilling reminder of just how dangerous the mountain is. For a long time there was this strange fact that women who did manage to get to the top either died on the descent or died a few years later. The first to summit was Wanda Rutkiewicz. She got there just ahead of French climber Liliane Barrard , then died on Kanchenjunga six years later.