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Beliefs come directly from the brand essence—they reveal much about what the company is at its core. But while intentions are necessary, beliefs are more inspiring to employees—they give people something to care about—so they should be the focus of internal campaigns. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow. If you want to capture the attention and imagination of your audience, you will have to surprise and intrigue—and the same old memos and dry presentations will accomplish neither.

Indeed, the form the message takes can say as much as the content. When BP wanted to instill confidence in the newly merged company, it gathered hundreds of facts and stories from all the divisions and listed them in a huge document that became known as The Scroll. The symbolism of the almost biblical presentation gave it gravitas, and when the document was posted throughout the company, it became an object of pride. An enormous book, no matter how beautiful, will almost certainly be left on the shelf, its contents easily forgotten.

In an effort to be thorough and accurate, companies often create internal communications materials that are self-important or just plain boring. This can be avoided with a little humor or style. Forgoing the usual speeches and beauty shots of cars, the film took the form of a whimsical journey of two young people setting out on a Saturday morning to do some errands, intercut with slogans that captured the new spirit of the brand. This device allowed the makers to show an idealized brand user, which was to become a model for the new target young, energetic people who enjoy driving.

The film was a phenomenal success, communicating the spirit of the brand in a way that no PowerPoint presentation could—and it became the basis for the first commercials in the television campaign. Indeed, failure to communicate at a personal level can undermine the most sophisticated and expensive rebranding campaign.

Many key employees left, and the threat of a mass walkout forced Deutsche to abandon the deal after considerable damage to the share price of both companies.

The final stage of a branding campaign is feedback and participation from the target audience. For large, geographically diverse organizations, the company intranet can be a superb facilitator of communication and interaction. Accenture understood that risk when it rebranded in January It created an interactive Web site to allow people to ask questions and view the replies to questions others had posted. As yet, however, the potential of this medium is unfulfilled. Fireside chats can become part of an effort to weave the branding into the fabric of the organization. Such employee touchpoints mirror the consumer touchpoints that have become familiar in consumer marketing, where every point of interaction with the consumer is an opportunity to reinforce the brand.

Companies can also reinforce the brand very effectively through company policy. Quality Bicycle Products, which employs people in the suburbs of Minneapolis, includes as part of its vision statement a commitment to protecting the environment. Recruiting and hiring policies are other areas that can serve as touchpoints. Hollywood Video, which regards its passion for movies as its differentiation from the mammoth Blockbuster chain, requires that employees show knowledge of and enthusiasm for movies.

While other companies might consider only more traditional values like honesty or responsibility, Southwest preserves its unique brand personality by hiring only people who are a perfect fit.

Strategic Brand Communication Campaigns

By incorporating the brand vision into these employee touchpoints, companies, over time inculcate the vision into the employee experience to the extent that on-brand behavior becomes instinctive. Apple is an obvious example, as are Disney and Virgin Airlines. Amid the pressure to develop new products and squeeze costs out of operations, internal marketing is easily overlooked.

After all, in times of financial stress, even external marketing budgets are scrutinized, despite the well-known fact that external marketing is important. But it is a truth of business that if employees do not care about their company, they will in the end contribute to its demise. Colin Mitchell. You tell customers what makes you great.

Do your employees know? January Issue Explore the Archive. Principle 1 Choose Your Moment Most people have limited tolerance for change initiatives, and branding and visioning exercises are no exception.

  2. The Triumph of the Ordinary: Depictions of Daily Life in the East German Cinema, 1949-1989.
  3. Selling the Brand Inside.

Principle 2 Link Internal and External Marketing Employees need to hear the same messages that you send out to the marketplace. It was especially interesting because it highlighted a number of businesses with videos shot in black and white documentary style footage. Outdoor ads, video spots and of course videos were just a few of the other tools they implemented. A great narrative video that personalizes our digital world with a character invented by an entrepreneur is at the center of this integrated campaign.

Integrated Marketing Campaign Examples

This is a bold move that marks the very first branding campaign for this titan in the corporate world. The company recently said they were looking to target the million people globally who work for themselves so small businesses should be looking at this campaign carefully to see what the takeaways are. Integrated Marketing Photo via Shutterstock.

GoPro became a big name because of the idea. Other action cameras came after that but they took the crown for being first. Great list, Rob! It can be a tricky to perfect the art of integrated marketing campaigns.

The role of branding in public health campaigns | Emerald Insight

In a multi-media world that we live in, new media and old media sit alongside one another, sometimes competing, other times working collectively. Thanks for sharing! The company creates such strong brands and stories that all of its media can appear to work seamlessly. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Powered by. Email this Article Print This Article.

Our strategy agency delivers communication plans and strategic messaging to make a difference.

While brand strategy aims at positioning your business, digital strategy determines the tools to get you there. Those principles are, of course, outlined in your overarching brand strategy. It sounds simple, but only if you are aware of the essential keys to branding your business effectively. Every business needs to review these main components of branding, before attempting to create a digital brand strategy. Each one of the elements helps to define foundational pieces of your business.

Digital Marketing

They are the things that rarely, if ever, change. Furthermore, these cornerstone qualities guide your brand so that you can develop effective processes. Ensure you have a good answer to the important questions aligned with each component of branding for business:. Outlining an answer ensures you not only understand your products and services, but you know the why behind providing them.

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Defining your target audience is one of the most important things you can do when developing your brand. You want to figure out the specific lifestyle, buying habits and behaviors of your consumers without trying to be everything to everyone! This helps to pinpoint exactly what you do differently and better! Take a look at the key players in your industry. Chances are that you are not the only business providing the services or products you offer. However, you are the only business with your own specific process, team members, and skill set. Determine what makes your business distinct.

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  • Maintaining consistent messaging in a cohesive voice will help your brand image become recognized on multiple channels in the same way. Make sure you are giving off the right impression by developing it carefully. Building rapport and recognition with your audience is done through consistency. Consistently engaging breeds trust through brand recognition.