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Spara som favorit. Laddas ned direkt. However, in comparison to most mainstream histories, sport history has rarely been called upon to question its foundations and account for the basis of its historical knowledge.

Kishan captained the Indian hockey team in the Olympics and marched out with the gold medal. The man was fondly addressed as 'Dada' in hockey circles back in the day.

He had a gift of talent spotting. India went on to score 8 goals in the final match against Germany and 38 goals in total in the tournament under the captaincy of hockey legend Dhyan Chand.

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Chand scored 11 goals of India's 38 in the Berlin Olympics. Dhyan Chand wrote about the Berlin finals in his autobiography Goal, "When Germany was four goals down, a ball hit Allen's pad and rebounded. The Germans took full advantage of this and made a rush, netting the ball before we could stop it. That was the only goal Germany would score in the match against our eight, and incidentally the only goal scored against India in the entire Olympic tournament. The team that played the finals at Berlin was one that boasted of some of the best hockey players the subcontinent has ever seen.

A Padma Bhushan recipient, Tata was Ratanji Tata's adopted son and is known more for his contribution to Indian field hockey than anything else.

The field: truth and fiction in sport history

He was the president of the Indian Hockey Federation for 15 years. This man was at the helm of Indian hockey when the team went on to win the finals. Naval Tata saw the country winning gold in the two consecutive Olympics too, in and When the world plunged into war in , the Olympics were cancelled.

The world limped back to a semblance of normalcy. The Olympics were announced.

Most Unbelievable Plays in Sports History™ (Part 1)

The venue: London. In , when Kishan Lal walked next to Dhyan Chand in East Africa in the Indian colours, the legendary field hockey team from had all but emptied. With came the Partition and most of the talented players were partitioned too with many moving to Pakistan.

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Keshav Datt, for example, fled Lahore after the Paritition and his teammate Shah Rukh saw him off at the Lahore station. They met again a year later. At the London Olympics. Datt as a member of the Indian hockey team and Shah Rukh as his Pakistan counterpart. Sunny Kaushal's character Himmat Singh is believed to be inspired by Balbir Singh who went on to become a hockey legend in his own right and is considered among the world's greatest hockey players since Dhyan Chand. When Tapan Das leaves Balarampur in search of a place to train the Indian hockey team, he lands up at the monastery where the players are later trained by Samrat.

In reality, it was a little different. The new hockey team prepared for the match in the parade ground of Bombay.

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Jaswant Singh Rajput, who played the London finals, said in an interview in , "We trained in the parade ground of Bombay. The grass there was grown long to make the ground heavy, like it would be in England.