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Presenting the current debate about cities in the Middle East from Sana'a, Beirut and Jerusalem to Cairo, Marrakesh and Gaza, the book explores urban planning and policy, migration, gender and identity as well as politics and economics of urban settings in the region. This handbook moves beyond essentialist and reductive analyses of identity, urban politics, planning, and development in cities in the Middle East, and instead offers critical engagement with both historical and contemporary urban processes in the region.

Approaching "Cities" as multi-dimensional sites, products of political processes, knowledge production and exchange, and local and global visions as well as spatial artefacts. Importantly, in the different case studies and theoretical approaches, there is no attempt to idealise urban politics, planning, and everyday life in the Middle East -- which as with many other cities elsewhere are also situations of contestation and violence -- but rather to highlight how cities in the region, and especially those which are understudied, revolve around issues of housing, infrastructure, participation and identity, amongst other concerns.

Analysing a variety of cities in the Middle East, the book is a significant contribution to Middle East Studies. Ghassan received a B. He has extensive experience auditing financial reports for public institutions and providing financial consulting to NGOs. In addition to working at Adalah, he is a founding member of the Hewar Association for Alternative Education, in which he has served as a board member and chairperson of the financial committee since its establishment in Basheer graduated from Haifa University in with a B.

Previously, he worked for 15 years in a private account auditing office.

Acts of Solidarity: Crossing and Reiterating Israeli–Palestinian Frontiers

Shireen Zmorrod Administrative Assistant. Shireen, a graduate of Al-Quds University with a degree in accounting, joined Adalah in She worked previously at Al-Quds Insurance Company as director of the accident claims department and at a Haifa insurance firm in the same capacity.

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In , Shireen participated in an insurance training program at Tnufa College, as well as in numerous continuing education programs focused on insurance, accounting and project development. Professor Mahmoud Yazbak.

The Naqab Bedouin and Colonialism: New Perspectives

He received a B. He is a former spokesperson of the Committee for the Bereaved Families of the October events. Eman Abu Hanna-Nahhas. She wrote her Ph. She joined Adalah's board in Khoury-Bisharat is a lecturer in criminal procedure, evidence, public international law and international criminal law at Carmel Academic Centre in Haifa. She was an adjunct lecturer in international criminal law in the Faculties of Law at Haifa University, Tel Aviv University, and at the College of Management from Khoury-Bisharat received an LL.

She served on Adalah's Board from and as the Chairperson of the Board from Ibraheem is a lawyer and a certified public accountant. He holds a B. He has worked as an accountant and an associate attorney in several large law offices and accounting and consulting firms. Currently Mr.

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Ibraheem manages a private law office in Haifa, which specializes in commercial, tax and administrative law. He joined the Board of Adalah in Nasim Shaqr, Advocate. Shaqr is a lawyer and an independent notary based in Jaffa-Tel Aviv. He received his LL. He is a social activist and one of the founders of Arrabita Association for Jaffa and he served as its Chairman of the Board of Directors for 10 years.

He is also a former member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. He joined Adalah's board in Khalid Dagash, Advocate. A political activist, lawyer, and notary public, Haifa-resident Mr. Dagash holds a law degree from Tel Aviv University , and was a master's degree student at Hebrew University He specializes in social and labor rights, tort and real estate law. Dagash served for years as a member of the disciplinary court of the Israel Bar Association.

Prof. Oren Yiftachel – Geographical aspects and legal steps to displace the Bedouins in the South

He is currently a member of Mitwali Waqf Istiqlal in Haifa and is active in issues relating to the expropriation of absentee-landowner properties and holy sites in Haifa and Acre. Dagash works on various projects with the Israel Bar Association. He was a research fellow at the Council for British Research in the Levant and has been a recipient of British Academy grants. He also published a number of papers on the Islamic movement and Jerusalem, and the awqaf schools in East Jerusalem.

As part of his recent project with the Council for British Research in the Levant, Nasasra also examined the impact of 20 years of the Oslo framework on the Israelis and the Palestinians, looking at what the agreements and negotiations, economic protocols, and international donors have and have not achieved. Emad holds a BA in social work from Haifa University and a master's degree in organizational management and consulting from Tel Aviv University. He has worked as a social worker in the welfare department at Umm al-Fahem municipality since Jabareen is a founder and director of Bisan — Institute for Marketing and Strategic Research, one of the leading institutes in its field in Arab society.

He is also a social activist involved in initiatives to enhance the capacity of disadvantaged groups among Palestinian society in Israel to realize their rights and potential.

The Naqab Bedouin: New Perspectives Panel 1 - 1

He joined Adalah in and became a member of the audit control committee in January Moayad Miari works as an independent attorney and has managed a private law firm since He is a graduate of Tel Aviv University law school's L. B program and L. M program Moayad was a student activist and served as chairman of the Arab students union at Tel Aviv University in He later continued working as a social activist and served in a variety of roles in NGOs and human rights organizations in Jerusalem.